1. Support for our society’s traditional values , such as love for the family, pride, hospitality, hard work and solidarity.

2. Just management, development, selflessness and transparency in all affairs of the state.

3. The application of common sense and knowledge of our technocrats for the quick and efficient resolution of the problems of our country.

4. To strive for the common good and not the benefit of individual citizens or groups.

5. To fight corruption, state preferential treatments and system abuse.


1. To Inform the citizens of Cyprus about the current crisis and problems of the country with the existing party establishment and the need to elect Independent Parliament Members who will serve the people first.

2. The selection and promotion through democratic processes of independent citizens in all districts for their election to the House in order to exercise effective control over the government.

3. The employment of adequate scientific personnel of all disciplines under the direction of excellent technocrats.

4. A thorough study of all the problems of our society in order to identify the best solutions.

5. To advise the people about the problems of the Cypriot society and the best ways to solve them by using all modern means of communication.

6. The direct and close cooperation of our elected Members and the Zygos technocrats in the preparation and submission to Parliament of the legislative bills

7. To work with government and other organizations or persons for the proper execution of the various studies.

8. A systematic review of state services to prevent or uncover corruption and power abuse.

9. The active participation and contribution to charitable activities.