As in many other serious issues, the lack of an effective preventive policy on matters of immigration and  failure to implement  drastic measures  years ago, proves once again the inability of our leaders to anticipate and cope with the problems our time. So the extent of this problem has now  grown unnecessarily and has created serious social unrest and the worst is that it has led to extreme racial attitudes which expose and degrade our country. How many thousands of foreign students disappeared  because they simply  never came here to study and how many fake marriages took place before the authorities  started thinking about responding with  simple measures which should have been taken from the beginning ? How much  unemployment is due to these phenomena? Even today, are the authorities  applying  basic  control techniques to verify the validity of such marriages , that were implemented in other countries 30 years ago? Probably not.
In other cases , Cypriot citizens obtain with  ease  permits for multiple (up to say 16!) domestic workers, many of whom end up as illegal immigrants in the streets or in the hands of  networks  that exploit them. Of course, the relevant ministries could not (or did  not want to ) forecast  all these potential problems and work towards their solution. In the end , their  resounding failure is due to incompetence, indifference , their collusion with obscure interests, who will tell us?

Election fever has now caught our political parties and they have finally began to deal  with our problems. It has been said that they may even have  breakfast  together to discuss the six-month study conducted  by one of the parties, to decide whether they agree with the findings of the study which  is: that all governments have so far failed and that we have indeed a very serious problem should be studied again  from scratch in order to determine the  appropriate recommendations to solve it! Certainly this conclusion is correct, but  aren’t there ten clear recommendations at the end of the study which could lead to an immediate improvement in the situation whilst  the new studies are carried out?

Will it be possible for our parties to sacrifice their interests and risk agreement among themselves and possibly lose 100 votes each; this scenario is very unlikely ! We eagerly await to see the result and of course if and when the relevant laws will be adopted and implemented and how many Cypriots will be unemployed until that time. In the end it appears that if we do not elect  independent technocrats as House Members who will be beyond partisan interests, such as those who will be proposed by ZYGOS  and who will be trained and ready to solve the various problems preemptively  or at least as soon as they appear , we predict that such serious problems will  continue to plague our society and in the end they may even ruin it.

Of course the key question remains why the solutions  to these problems were not implemented five years ago  if there are people who should have promoted the necessary solutions then did not, why are they still running for office?

To the point , however, and the contributions of ZYGOS for the immediate  improvement of the situation are:

1. All applications for political asylum to be examined within 60 days at the latest. The ones approved should follow  specific programs to learn the Greek language quickly and  enable full integration into our society.

2. During the examination of the applications the refugees should stay in special accommodation and to be employed in these facilities for their immediate welfare in order to redue their hospitality costs. The costs reported recently by several ministers are unduly high and are used as a cover.

3. Large, temporary accommodation facilities to be built for the brief housing needs of all illegal aliens who will be arrested by the police and other forces of the state.

4. The penalties for importation, transportation, and employment of illegal aliens to increase.

5. The security deposits of domestic workers to be increased to discourage them from leaving  their employers.

6. Housemaids should have all relevant certificates for experience and  language skills certified by our embassy in their country, or  other reputable organizations. For these necessary tests they should be charged 1250 euros each (now they pay EUR 1800 to the agents ) and part of that amount to be used to guarantee them.

7. The various pseudo-agents should be banned  and permits given only to serious companies.

8. Employers who mistreat foreign workers should pay high fines and not allowed to recruit foreigners in the future.

9. The issue of the EU workers should be studied seriously with the view to  identify possible deviations from the EU  laws and other ways to discourage employers from employing EU labour if there are unemployed Cypriots in these fileds , thus allowing  a significant reduction in their number,  always of course in  a lawful manner.

10. Prohibit  behavior by foreigners which does  not comply with the manners and customs of our country, such as street prostitution, selling stolen goods, drinking alcohol in the streets, staying  in cars, crafting copper pots in public  c places, etc. Immediate expulsion for serious offenses and those that cause any unrest or provocation to the authorities.