We are the Independent Citizens Movement. We are active but indignant citizens of this country because past  governments and the parties, have gradually  but surely disillusioned  us and made us feel like second rate citizens.

The politicians, political parties and  past governments, all these supposed defenders of the public interests of the Cypriot people have,  over time destroyed  the idea of a fair and just society for the people , who observe helplessly as they promote their own interests in collusion with each other .

The country , instead of being a  democracy has become a morbid corrupt  oligarchy which is  characterized by a complete lack of both vision and sound management,  continuous scandals,  abuses and accountability. As a result, the average citizen, for many years,  feels that he is at  the mercy of situations, unable to react and physically unable to react or  to rule the country. But enough is enough.

As an Independent Citizens' Movement, we refuse to watch passively the destruction of our country  and its values. We reject  the existing parties because we believe that over time they have contributed to this situation. The  history of our parties shows that above all  they value the  "chair", the power, partisan or personal benefit and then our  national interests . Acting collectively, the parties  unfortunately control not only the Government  but of course the House (which is supposed to  question control authority). The result is a constant collusion between them and the Government  where the primary objective is to increase their own  benefits in terms of  votes,money  or otherwise, and the last priority is the common benefit.
Given these conditions, the earnest and sincere efforts of some excellent politicians from all parties (which of course always exist) end up to be insignificant.
Therefore  we ask the parties directly:
- Why deny the right for horizontal vote?
- Why do  they refuse to implement the European Directive which prohibits local parties to accept money from foreign agents and organizations?
- Why dont they make public  the public their financial assets and accounts ?
- How do they  justify their own privileges (soaring wages and subsidies, pensions without contributions ,  duty free  cars, etc.)?

The  Independent Citizens Movement, considering that Cyprus is entitled to something better before it's too late, have  decided to offer to the active citizen a realistic alternative that will  make the citizen the leader of the country and the parties and  government servants of the People. For this purpose, we intend ( for the coming and certainly the future elections )  to fight for representation in parliament with  selfless and competent candidates who would be independent of the existing parties. With the vertical combination of candidates, no vote of the citizens will  be wasted and will deal with the parties on an equal basis , not as a new party, but as a revolutionary movement which will never have small time  politicians andis  bound by its Constitution :
- Not to  offer any remuneration or other benefit to the members of the Central Committee.
- The executives of the Central Committee will have only patriotic and no political ambitions.
- It will not allow any elected  MP  to pursue re-election beyond the second term, except in exceptional cases.
- The financial and accounting information of the movement will always be open to public scrutiny.
- To support horizontal vote, the European Directive, which prohibits parties to accept money from foreign agents and agencies, public disclosure of financial information of parties, the elimination of  the super priviledges  enjoyed by state politicians and officials.
- To support the many other changes that should take place  to make Cyprus  an enviable fair and efficient  state.

Our effort against a strong establishment  will be long, regardless of the immediate reactions of the people to our call and the outcome of the upcoming elections because we consider the creation of a movement such as ZYGOS to be  an urgent need for our country. There will be many difficulties, mistrust and obstacles  but we are confident that the Cypriot people will gradually adopt our proposal for the election of Independent Members and the horizontal vote and  will also reject simultaneously the destructive polarization that has been imposed to control them.

 To enable the elected MP  to be effective in their  very difficult task, they  will be supported and guided by  excellent standard  scientific and technical staff  of ZYGOS, which will initially be volunteers ( the founding members )  who will study in detail the serious problems of our country so that they can  offer the best solutions. Our  ultimate and irrevocable goal is to create a very strong team of selfless career technocrats who will be permanently involved with the various issues  of our country who  could be trusted by the Cypriot citizen  to solve the problems of the country.